Thursday, 27 April 2017

Rajnikant Patel BSE - Notable activities as a financial expert

Rajnikant Patel BSE has made remarkable changes in the financial service industry through his consistent hard work. His constructive strategy enhances the process in the financial service industry. Besides various obstacles on the path of success he was able to overcome them in a wise manner by outstanding skills. He has made various achievements in the field of finance. In this article we are going to discuss about his progressive efforts in improving the financial activities in India.

Contribution in the financial education

Rajnikant Patel was well known for his contribution in the financial education system in his country. Moreover he had made a lot of efforts to educate the students in the field of finance. He has played an important role in restructuring the training programs associated with BSE training institute and in the capital market institute (ICAI). He has strived hard to introduce Masters Degree in the field of capital market with the collaboration of NM University. This was a full time program under the label of business administration. A well planned training program was conducted by him to the executives in the Bombay stock exchange in order to increase the profit rate of the firm.

Rajnikant Patel is an excellent educator and a consistent learner. He has presented various articles and research paper in the field of stocks and finances. He has established a commodity market module on behalf of Dalmia institute of management studies. He used to educate his clients related to their work process, suggest various profitable diversifications which can be carried out without any hesitation, effective changes to be implemented for further growth etc. Rajnikant Patel always stays updated with the innovative technologies by addressing various international financial meetings regularly.

Leadership qualities

As an educator and a leader he was able to guide the firm to a progressive path without much difficulty. In his 30 years of experience in the field of finance and stocks he has faced many hurdles on the path of success. Rajnikant Patel handles the obstacles in a wise manner for effective end results. He had been holding highest cadre in many organization and played a vital role in their consistent growth. He has voluntarily associated with various universities to kindle the interest in the field of finance for the present generation students. Rajnikant Patel was keen in educating the common man related to the stock exchanges and SEBI regulations so that every individual would take up cautious steps in their trading business.  He has been a greatest support in the growth of many organizations such as Bombay Stock exchange India, Reliance groups, Bank of Maharashtra, State bank of Saurashtra etc. His constructive presence in these firms has enlightened their working strategy in a constructive path.

As a financial expert and an educator he was able to forecast the financial crisis accurately for better financial planning. Most of the firms were able to prevent worst financial situation with the help of the effective financial forecast system by Rajnikant Patel BSE.

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