Sunday, 9 April 2017

Rajnikant Patel BSE: A Leader and Innovator In Financial Services

Becoming a leader and innovator in any industry is, indeed, a challenging goal because it demands a combination of outstanding knowledge, skills and charisma, among others. But being a leader and innovator in the financial services sector demands even greater personal and professional qualities! Rajnikant Patel BSE has achieved such a challenging feat and, in fact, continues to be a thought leader in a competitive industry. 

What makes him a leader and innovator in the financial services industry? Let’s take a look. 

Comprehensive Experience 

Rajnikant Patel has more than 33 years of intensive and extensive experience in financial services, thanks to his education, training and work experience in the industry. He has worked for several banks, stock and commodity exchanges, and finance services companies, among others, in various capacities. His work experiences continue to provide him with the crucial knowledge, skills and connections for his work as a corporate strategy adviser today.  

He has risen from the ranks, too, from being a bank clerk at the Bank of Maharashtra to the Chief Executive Officer of the Bombay Stock Exchange. His rise on the corporate ladder isn’t surprising as he has shown outstanding leadership skills early on, which his then-superiors observed and nurtured. He has also nurtured many leaders in the industry, thus, becoming proof that leaders begets leaders. 

The comprehensive experience of Rajnikant Patel spans a wide range of knowledge including but not limited to central banking and commercial banking, corporate strategy and direction, and commodity and capital markets. He has intimate knowledge of the issues, challenges and hurdles that these industries have faced and continue to face, as well as the possible solutions to them. He has been consulted numerous times by his peers and subordinates for this reason.  

Charismatic Leadership  

Of course, even the best education, training and work experience will be for naught if and when these aren’t combined with efficient, effective and charismatic leadership. Rajnikant Patel BSE also recognizes it and, thus, has always strived to exercise his own brand of leadership in his companies. 

He has consistently shown the ability to lead people in the organizations where he has been both leader and follower. His deep insights into the opportunities and threats for an organization, as well as its strengths and weaknesses in relation to these external factors, led to its success. Under his leadership, for example, the Bombay Stock Exchange was awarded the Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Governance and the Business Superbrand Award. 

He has also established a reputation for the innovative creation and applications of technology for the improvement of the products and services delivered by his organizations. His innovative approaches, in turn, created value for both the organization and its customers.  

Indeed, Rajnikant Patel BSE has in it in him to continue his leadership status in the finance services sector!

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